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Photo Mentor's blog content brings you ideas, tips, and tactics to help you learn to SEE like an artist for confident, creative, and impactful photography. Look for Artist Profiles to learn from professional photographers and meet your peers. Thank you for being here:) 

Lee Love, Commercial Photographer and Artistic Director

Lee, Photo Mentor

Lee Love is a commercial advertising photographer/director, internationally published editorial photographer, and founder of PMA. Lee's been teaching photography and lighting for a dozen years; also he provides business consulting for photographers. 

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Sue-Ann, Content Manager for PMA


As Content Manager, Blog Editor, and Suzy of-all-trades, Sue-Ann keeps Lee laughing (and sometimes on track) while they devise fun and games for the Photo Mentor Community. With a love for splashing around in words, Sue-Ann's favorite things are usually creative.

Artist of the Month - May 2022 - Brian Carr, Toytographer artist of the month

Amazing. It’s the word Photo Mentor Lee Love and I have been tossing back and forth, sometimes in unison, day after day. Or, at least each day Brian Carr,...

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Meet Crystal Rivera, Photo Mentor's Artist of the Month artist of the month

I’m not being uber dramatic or over-the-top when I whisper to you a little secret about April’s Artist of the Month Award winner, Crystal Rivera...

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Artist of the Month - Feb. 2022 - Alethea Wilson artist of the month

February’s Artist of the Month, Alethea Wilson (Aly to us), brings a rare mix of wonderment, curiosity, contemplation, and appreciation to her photography...

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Artist of the Month - Jan. 2022 - Jessica Marshall artist of the month

Photo Mentor Academy announces the first  Photo Mentor Artist of the Month Award


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With a mix of excitement, happiness, and...

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