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Are you ready to throw yourself into photography without any rules? 

Then it might be time for you to grow forward with Photo Mentor Academy (PMA) at your side to educate, encourage, and mentor you to learn to SEE like an artist! 

PMA’s original STEP Methodology is your chance to celebrate your creativity and curiosity by jumping into your photography opposite to what everyone else is telling you. Lee's unique STEP system knocks traditional thinking for camera training aside and promises you real progress, faster. 

Lee Love's world of experience means solid guidance THAT WORKS and keeps you from wasting time and money on what simply doesn't perform. Instead, PMA puts the spotlight on your creativity and original voice to bring your photography to life and reflect your vision. 

When you take a fearless approach to your photography and don’t let anything stop you, you open the door to grow leaps and bounds. 

We want to help. We have the keys to that door and can’t wait for you to join and explore! 

"Lee is one of the best photographers I've worked with. His photography is exemplary, of course, but Lee's ability to connect with all kinds of people is what sets him apart. From the boardroom to the streets, Lee can be counted on to make getting the perfect image seem effortless ."
~Rebecca Snider
Awesome to have access to such a professional quality of expertise that is willing to help you develop your craft, capturing the world through your unique eyes. Lee has been there to help us, and we are so appreciative!
~Deborah Boedicker
"The biggest thing that Lee taught me is to think differently."
~Jessica Marshall
Love is amazing! Love his work & mentoring!” 
~Erica Newton
"THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are able to explain things in a way that makes everything so clear!
~Dusti G.
Lee Love, Artistic Director & Commercial Photographer

I'm Lee Love...

Photo Mentor & Founder of Photo Mentor Academy & the S.T.E.P. Methodology.  

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Alethea Wilson

Newcastle, New Wales, Australia

The biggest thing I’ve learned from Lee is to challenge the way I look and see things before I photograph them. It's not just about the composition, but to actually think, is this the best angle, is this the best way, can I do it better?” explains Aly.

 “It’s more about seeing first…a lot of my photos are unedited… I have to learn about editing, lighting… but for now, I’m still enjoying looking at things from a different angle, seeing them in a different way.” ~Aly Wilson, Founding Member, Photo Mentor Academy