Now Accepting Founding Member Applications

We are currently accepting a limited number of applications for a unique and one time opportunity.

"Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography."

- George Eastman

Photo Mentor Academy


To Reach Your Creative Potential with Confidence


I love supporting photographers and I'm passionate about helping you reach your full potential.

Whether teaching lighting classes, how-to's, or mentoring a new photographer by bringing them along as an assistant for a magazine assignment, guiding you to discover your talents, and uncover your creativity, makes my day!

Let me help you be the photographer you aspire to.

Tired of Misinformation?

The reason for launching Photo Mentor Academy was not money, or ego, or any of the reasons you would expect. I created Photo Mentor Academy because, just like you, I was frustrated. I could not believe the constant spread of misinformation, or the repeated put-downs I see over and over. I knew I had to do something to help new photographers to grow and to tap into their own unique creativity.

It takes more effort to discourage someone than it does to help lift them. My mission is to lift you so you can get more enjoyment out of the art of photography.


Sometimes it feels like it is easier to buy a new car than a digital camera! The terminology and acronyms alone are enough to make you want to just give up.

But don't worry, I've taught kids and grandmothers, and my unique S.T.E.P. method for translating "camera speak" into easy-to-understand English, really works! 

I know you won't believe me (yet) but, trust me when I say, the techno-babble, equipment, and photographic concepts are the easiest part of professional artistic photography.

Why Photo Mentor Academy ?

There are plenty of videos and courses that teach you how to use your camera, but that is not what makes a great photograph. Your VISION and creativity is what makes you different than any other photographer. Helping you to SEE and develop your own unique style is just one of the aspects that make Photo Mentor Academy different. Yes you will learn how to use your camera, but the most important gear you own is your creativity. I want you to grow into the artist I know you can become.  Join me?


Great photographers have a unique ability to SEE and create what others cannot... 


To convey emotion, TELL a compelling story to reach the heart, mind, and soul... 


Concepts to EXPOSE the gibber-jabber techno-speak to fully understand it... 


PROCESS starts by learning critical details and how-to for the digital darkroom...  

YOU Are Not Alone !

We all start at Zero and no one picks up a camera and can instantly shoot beautifully composed and technically perfect images. Meet other photographers just like YOU.

Claudia B.

"I am impressed by Lee, and trust me I don't get impressed so easily, you are unique."

Dusti G.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are able to explain things in a way that makes things so clear!"

Mario M.

"You are willing to Help so openly and a great teacher. I value your opinion and knowledge greatly."

If you are a new photographer and committed to turning your passion into action, then don't miss the chance to learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

A very Limited number of slots are available to a select group of photographers. These founding members will be selected on their ability to provide feedback. This is a unique opportunity and will only be made available this one time.

Now Open

Now accepting a limited number of applications for Founding Members.


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