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Not Your Typical Mentoring!

Lee Love’s journey in photography started in high school when he realized in art class he couldn’t draw. But, since that auspicious discovery, he’s blossomed far and beyond where he ever imagined the art of photography would take him. 

Now, he’s wrapping decades of real-world experience, technical prowess, and life-long teaching practice into this digital academy to share his gifts, techniques, ideas, and insights on everything photography with you. 

Mentoring with Lee is finding a friend who gets you as you work to hone your artistry in photography. And, not only is learning from Lee a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it’s something you’ll likely never forget. Because, you’ll find, the benefits live on…

(There're a LOT of professional photographers out there who agree—some you’ll meet here.) 

Lee has a way of simplifying difficult concepts and untangling the tech in such a way, you never feel daunted, stressed, or stupid as he explains away the formally unexplainable. 

And in patiently doing so, he takes the sting out of whatever issue—big or small—that’s holding up your progress, allowing you to take more powerful photos and drastically improve!

Better yet, Lee challenges you, pushing you to find your creative inner voice so you can tell stories in the frame to make the viewer feel something. 

With no words at all, you can communicate a meaningful moment in time. An unforgettable emotion. A memory. A circumstance.

Don’t worry, Lee’s got the Who, What, Why, When, and How in photography for you now, or in production, to grab and grow your skills for better photography, much faster, as a part of the PMA community. 

Sure, Lee can talk camera settings with you for a day or ten, but you don’t need to know an f-stop from a bus stop for his uniquely blended STEP system to start to build your artistic eye and portfolio of eye-stopping and heart-capturing photography. 

Lee specializes in lighting, and that subject alone, will change your photography forever.

Trust me when I say, he’ll “enlighten” you! 

If you want personal interaction and feedback, and the ability to understand the terminology, tactics, technical components, and techniques for professional/commercial level styles of photography for business or fun, you’re in the right place. 

If you have a passion for photography and a thirst to learn, Lee Love and PMA will excite and delight you. 

And change your photography forever. 

Photo Mentor Academy 🎬

Tiptoe In to Lee's STEP System: 


Photo Mentor's original STEP Methodology is your chance to celebrate your creativity and curiosity by jumping into your photography opposite to what everyone else is telling you. This approach spotlights your creativity and helps you find and develop your original voice to bring your photography to life and reflect your vision. 

Don't let the technical mumbo-jumbo stop you! Lee Love's STEP Methodology gets you where you need to go and it's a lot more fun along the way! Here's a quick overview for you:

Learn to SEE Like an Artist


The great photographers discover how to SEE and create what others cannot...   

Tell Stories with Images


To convey emotion, TELL a compelling story to reach the heart, mind, and soul...  


Concepts to EXPOSE the gibber-jabber techno-speak to understand the technology... 

Process to Refine Your Photo's Story


PROCESS starts by learning critical details and how-to for the digital darkroom...  

Thank you Lee, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You inspire me to keep working harder, you really do.

~ Skylar R.