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Teri Moy’s Photography Reveals Intimate Life Stories

artist profiles Sep 18, 2021


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Tragedy, trauma, and violence are at the center of the dramatic stories of photographer Teri Moy. Her project, The Mosaic Women, spotlights these stories and celebrates amazingly resilient people. But the beauty and grace these women exude and the love they generate despite sometimes unspeakable traumatic experiences is what fuels the power of the stories she tells via the women she photographs. 

Love, hope, forgiveness, and a strong belief in good are forces that pull these remarkable women to move from bitter to better. Each seems to exude a shining love while living, growing, and contributing despite their various stories of unbelievable sorrow and despair. 

All 17 women Teri profiles are like a Phoenix rising in beautiful light from darkness and ashes. Each is made of broken glass and fragments, yet beautifully put back together to create a mosaic of richness and colorful light for a better future. 

Lee’s interview of Teri is at times touching, and then gripping, and finally, enlightening. 

If nothing else, a reminder of gratitude and appreciation for what we have and what we can offer ahead of us is a recurring theme. Hearing of the strength of the women profiled regardless of the suffering or sorrow they overcame evokes compassion and respect. 

Every intriguing story Teri shares is heartbreaking and, at times, horrific. But the light found on the other side is awe-inspiring and remarkable reminders of our own inner strength if we choose to embrace life and follow goodness to fruition. 

About Teri’s Photo Journey 

It seems like Teri’s quest in photography starts early and takes a few interesting twists and turns along the way. And, it’s quite fascinating! Observing countries and people where she’s lived or visited over her life impacts Teri’s work. 

For Teri, life and travels intersect with a growing and intuitive faith giving her photography the richness of story and deepness of heart rarely captured. 

Teri’s spirituality and relationship with God are a driving force for this latest intricate and profound project. 

Listening to her talk about the insightful beauty of each woman she profiles in The Mosaic Women brings stirs emotions as we hear these stories. 

You may find yourself counting blessings while you admire and reflect on the tales Teri unweaves in this powerful episode of PhotoMentorTv. 

Teri exemplifies a rare mix of grace, empathy, understanding, and respect for her subjects. Her heart is woven into the photos she takes to explore and define the stories behind these incredible women. 

The background work and details portrayed in the images (seen in this video) are testimony to Teri’s comprehensive review of her subjects. It reminds me of Annie Leibovitz’s relationship process with her portrait subjects for individualized themes. 

Further, I think you’ll find Teri’s profoundly personal and intensive study of the women she profiles in The Mosaic Women reveals a genuine mix of personal relationships with God and a general belief in good. 

Bringing good forward by highlighting a group of highly spiritual and resilient souls makes Teri Moy’s project well worth a look. 

A Photographer’s Perspective 

Watching Lee’s interview with Teri offers you a look inside for an inspired perspective for what to shoot. It speaks to the critical detail of how the artist’s eye is part of the photograph. And it certainly demonstrates the legwork around capturing a story in a click

The palatable immersion of artist and subject is clearly visible in Teri Moy’s deep connection in seeking, finding, or sometimes merely stumbling into a heartfelt and meaningful story. A story and person that compels her to tell the world, and each is worthy of attention. 

In a world and in a time where it’s so easy to see and feel negativity and sadness, Teri Moy seeks to uplift and celebrate God and life. The interview brings forward glowing stories of love and women who live love despite unspeakable tragedy, heartbreak, and violence. 

In doing this project, Teri emulates the power of photography to document people, places, and events worth remembering. But the interesting twist is the story of straight-up love wrapped around the darkest imaginable scenarios, lived by these resilient, inspiring souls.

Meet Teri Moy: a Mini Bio

Teri Moy’s career as a photographer spans 20+ years, and her professional specialties include portrait, architecture, and lifestyle photography. Teri’s zest for travel, culture, food, and art drives her passion for travel photography, and her love of people is universal. 

Besides snapping pictures across a world of adventures, Teri heads an international relief and development organization that serves remote and forgotten people across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Indian Subcontinent.

Teri’s commitment to her faith, which she credits for helping her endure personal trials and emerge better, not bitter, is the foundation of her personal and professional endeavors. 

by Sue-Ann Bubacz