Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that I have been asked about the Photo Reviews.

  1. Why do you not accept Watermarked Images?

    My purpose for photo reviews is to help new photographers to learn and improve. I know new photographers often are intimidated or self concise about their work.

    By not displaying the persons name, no one has to be concerned of being publically embarrassed. Encourage not discourage.

  2. By submitting my image(s) does mean I lose control of my copyright?

    GREAT question and that is easy, ABSOLUTELY NOT !!

    As a fellow photographer/director/artist I WANT you to protect your rights and copyright. In fact there is a lot of misconceptions and I want to Educate you on this the Facts.

    Part of the reason for asking you to fill out the review form so we know this is YOUR image.

  3. How much does this cost?

    $0 - ZERO - Photo Mentor TV is about helping all boats rise with the tide. My way of giving back to those that helped me on my journey.

  4. I get a lot of likes on my photos, why not just post in a group?

    Another great question. There is no reason you can't do both. But the reason for doing photo reviews is because of the bad the advice I see over and over in these groups.

    A "Like" is NOT a review !

    Getting professional input on your image is about whether the image works or not it is not about if I LIKE it.
    If you are a terrible cook and I tell you how good your meal was, you might be flattered. But what if you found out I had the flu or radiation therapy and my taste buds where affected?

  5. What kind of feedback do you provide?

    Let me first say you should alway seek input from a trusted sources . Not just from your close friends and family. While their intentions are noble, they may not have the range of experience to provide the kind of feedback you need to improve.

    My method of providing feedback is first I want to encourage you not discourage you. But I also will give solid input based on three criteria