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Photo Mentor, Lee Love

Can You Answer Yes to Any of These?

  • Overwhelmed by Camera Techno-babble?

  • Joining a Facebook Group Made it Worse?

  • My Phone Photos are Better than my DSLR?

  • Tried YouTube, Courses, Books, Videos?

  • Any Improvement is Taking Sooooo Long

  • Frustrated and Ready to Quit?

  • Love the Creative Part of Photography?

  • Literally in Tears?

  • Thinking You Made a Mistake?

I have solved every one of these for many photographers. Which is why I know I can help you.

The REAL REASON Your Photography is Not Improving!

Myths and Misconceptions

I see this over and over in Facebook groups and forums. It is sad to see the same old-school advice that is hurting photographers desperate to improve.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You Have to Shoot in Manual Mode
  • Just Shoot in RAW Format and Fix it in Photoshop
  • Go to YouTube, That is How I Learned 
  • You Need to Upgrade to Full Frame


While there is a time and place for this advice, but if you're new or have been shooting awhile but not improving, using these techniques will NOT improve your photography. They will do the exact opposite!

I understand this is confusing. Everyone else is telling you to do this stuff, but is it helping or hurting? Let me guess, you're more confused, more frustrated, and your eyes are hurting from watching videos.

I can show you person after person who also didn't believe me. But, after being frustrated and ready to give up, they're 100% believers after following my advice. THEY GET IT NOW!

Because not a single one of these suggestions will help you to grow as an ARTIST.

And I can prove it!


Why are So Many PHOTOGRAPHERS RAVING About my Methodology?

Photo Mentor

Patrick Henry

"A lot of people can learn a lot from you. Thank you for the information that will build me up as a photographer. Thank you so much."

Amber Frisch-Schultz

"Thank you so much for all your tips and tricks. It went so smoothly. I couldn't have done it without your help. I'm excited. I learned more from you than I have in the year with my camera. You're awesome!"

Annette Sprenkel

"I think what you're doing is going to be incredible! I've grown so much with just the little conversations we've had!  You're full of such good information. I'm looking forward to learning and growing with you."

The Cold Hard Truth is:

Successful Photographers Know
the Secret is STORYTELLING Not Gear!


But no one will tell you the truth. Visit any photography group and you will think you are talking to a group of camera manufacturers, not photographers. They will tell you all about cameras, sensors, aperture, ISO, noise, and focusing systems, but NOT Storytelling!

 It's Not Your Fault

I know it's not your fault. You're seeking help and normally when you hear the same advice over and over, you figure there must be some truth to it. Right? Normally I would agree, but the problem is bad advice repeated over and over is still bad advice. The old adage of even a broken clock is right twice a day comes to mind.

Why is this Bad Advice?

The advice is partially correct because shooting a properly exposed image is necessary. But even a tack sharp, properly exposed image is not the goal. Any smartphone or modern camera has enough electronics to take an accurately exposed image. If that was the only goal, then why would someone ask or hire you to photograph their event, wedding, graduation, or portrait?

If the result is simply a "pretty" well-exposed photo, then any chimp with a nice camera can do this. The reason Annie Lebovich, Dan Winters, Joe McNally, or any successful photographer gets hired is for their VISION!  They are hired for how they see the world, and how they can use their creativity to convey a message, a STORY!

YES I Am Ready !






100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back! 

  • Uncover your creativity, and HOW to use your talent
  • Discover how to SEE the images other do not
  • Finally gain the confidence you have wanted (but do not think you have)
  • Learn how to SEE like an ARTIST, not a pixel-peeper, and impact MORE people  with your images

Here are the Most Common Questions I Receive

How do I Know if PMA is Right For You !



  • You are a Pro and know everything there is to know about photography
  • Not Open to Learning
  • Love the GEAR more than the Art of Creating
  • Think a New Camera is a Better Investment that Education
  • Not Willing to do the Work
  • Believe Shooting on Manual is the Key to being a Great Photographer

I have helped hundreds of struggling photographers become artists. But, I also know I can not help everyone. If you think you fit into one or more of these categories, then do not join Photo Mentor Academy.

But, if you are frustrated with your lack of progress and overwhelmed with the techno-babble, then I can help you discover your creativity and show you how to SEE like an artist.

Can't I Just Watch YouTube Videos to Get this Info?

Be honest with yourself. Do you want to be a professional student or a photographer?

YouTube is a great resource. In fact, I have hundreds of videos on my channel that you can watch. But do you realize there are over 720,000 Hours of video uploaded daily?

Divide 720,000 out, and you’ll see that 82.2 years — yes, years — of new video are uploaded to YouTube each and every day. With so much content, the difficulty is finding the right person,  the right content with the right experience, and the right method that fits your way of learning.

So yes, this might work for you, but do you really have years to wade through thousands of hours of video? Also, how do you know and trust that information?

Finally, haven't you tried YouTube already?  How is that working out for you? If it's so great, why are you not successful, confident, and know everything there is to know?

And finally if everything is on YouTube, and that is all it takes, why isn't everyone that goes to Youtube a Master photographer?

I Don't Have Time!  I Have a Full-Time Job, and a Family

Your time is more valuable than any gear you own.
I can give you back your time.

You are right, our time is important and if you're like me, the amount of things on the list is always longer than the amount of time available. The truth is we all have the same amount of time, what changes is how we prioritize our wants and desires.

We have to focus on those things that will bring us closer to our dreams. If I want to become a better and more creative photographer, then that is where I need to put my energy and time. Even if it's only 30 minutes a day.

This is why the S.T.E.P.S methodology has become so successful. Not only does it help you be more creative, but it's designed so you can improve FASTER than doing this on your own.

The question only you can answer is if this is important. Or maybe it's how long are you willing to put this off? If not NOW, when?

Is This Expensive, I Don't Think I Can Afford it?

When are you going to Start INVEST in YOU? 

Q: If you do not feel well, even after weeks or months of trying everything you read online and nothing works. You miss work and you just feel like YUCK. Until. You finally go to a doctor that charges you $500 and knows exactly what's wrong. And in 24 hours you feel like yourself again. 

Was it worth it to go to someone with the experience and training to solve your problem?

When looking at education, it's critical you evaluate the value you are receiving. This means comparing Price vs. Cost. If you are planning, or are already generating, revenue from your photography, this takes on even greater importance.

Q: How much money have you spent on cameras, lenses, memory cards, other equipment, software, computers, internet, and online and offline storage?

  • If I could teach you one secret that would make you an instant success, how much is that worth?
  • If I could take 30+ years of experience and press a button that would transfer instantly to you, how much is that worth?
  • How much is it worth to have a professional photographer and mentor to ask any questions you've been struggling with?
  • How much time have you spent asking questions in groups and watching endless videos and still don't have an answer?
  • Isn't it time you invested in the one piece of gear that will make the biggest difference, YOU?

Your growth in life and business isn’t going to come with simply more information and knowledge. It happens through gaining more insight and experience from those that have gone through these challenges before you.

Aly Nova

Aly Nova

Newcastle NSW, Australia

"Every day I am grateful for finding you to help me. You push me to be better. And I enjoy sharing your pearls of photography wisdom."

Andrea Lynn

New Jersey

"You are a mentor and so amazing! First, thank you again! Thanks for the tips and info, and thanks for responding; my images are looking much better."

Dusti Gray


"THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me with numerous things today! You have definitely made some things clear!!"


Claudia Elena Bucur


"I have learned so much from you, and I thank you for your patience and support! You have so much experience and you are so kind, Lee, wish out there were more people like you!"

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